Purchasing Services

With the purchasing and bargaining power for over 125 medical Clinics, The Practice Plus Purchasing services resources allows our partners to access significant discounts and savings on everyday goods and services.

Our Purchasing department at Practice Plus has over 100+ years of Medical buying experience.

Our team will ensure that purchases are at the best price and all discounts applied provided by Practice Plus. This enables your purchasing dollar works in a much more efficient manner. Purchasing services also include management of back-orders, discontinued items, identifying suitable substations and statement reconciliation.

• Medical Surgical Supplies
• Pharmaceuticals
• Medical Surgical Equipment
• Exam tables & stools
• Laboratory Supplies & Reagents
• Laboratory Equipment
• Office Supplies
• Vaccines
• Office Furniture
• Bio-medical Waste Contracts
• Document destruction
• Janitorial Supplies

These are just a few examples of items included in Purchasing Services resources. If you’re interested in having the power of your own Purchasing Department behind you, let us help take the daily struggles of supply management from your clinic.